Spanish manufacturing and experience since 1997
25 years of experience at international fairs
Production 100% in Spain also custom made
More than 2500 customers
Experience since 1977
Sizes: small, medium, large and custom made. Various colors: White, ivory, black...
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Sizes: small, medium, large and custom made. Various colors: white, ivory, light ivory
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Blankets, pillows, arras, marabou, fans, stockings, garters, gloves, scarves, combs, baskets... various colors and sizes.
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Sizes 1.5x1.5, 1.5x2, 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 3x3.5, 3x4, 3x5 and custom made. Various colors: white, ivory, beige...
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  • Welcome to Maylori Bridal Accessories

    Maylori creates outstanding bridal accessories and wedding veils in Barcelona, Spain. We offer them exclusively to bride wholesale shops and manufacturers across the globe. Maylori also produces pieces such as the Petticoat, Veils, Natural furs, Synthetic furs, and hair accessories with the best materials. They are packaged beautifully and delivered to any part of the world. Our customer service is friendly, and we are always available to answer your questions. With over 2500 customers and 25 years of experience in international affairs, we guarantee that you are in the right place. Thank you for considering Maylori wedding accessories wholesales and manufacturing. We hope you find what you desire.
  • Customisation of wedding accessories as

  • Why Shop Bridal Accessories at Maylori?

    • · One of the largest bridal accessories’ professionals in Spain
    • · Perfect knowledge, expertise and experience since 1977
    • · 25 years of experience at international fairs
    • · Production 100% in Spain also custom made
    • · More than 2500 customers
    • · Experience since 1977

    Our guiding principles

    • · Provision of various luxurious and affordable bridal accessories wholesale to partners
    • · Determination and provision of our partner's needs
    • · Efficiency and Effectiveness of Media Support
      • We continuously develop and establish new technologies to favor the creation of best wedding accessories. Maylori understands the desires of every bride and the latest upgrade in the fashion industry. Furthermore, we follow guiding rules that include the use of quality fabrics and exquisite lace exclusively produced by Maylori. This is the reason why all Maylori wedding collections remain distinct and unique.

        Have you made up your mind to order wholesale wedding accessories?

        Here are some of the advantages of considering Maylori Bridal

        • · Wedding accessories suppliers, that also produces accessories within a short timeframe even with streamlined production and logistic factor.
        • · A vast catalogue, efficient advertising materials with relevant information and compelling photographs
        • · Guarantee of high-quality wedding outfits.
        • · We offer various options for high-quality wedding accessories for your shop.
        • · Wide selection from numerous unique accessories.

        Maylori wedding accessories wholesale, your best investment

        Are you thinking of how to enhance your business income? Do you want to increase the number of wedding dresses in your bridal shop? Maylori’s bridal wholesale is your best bet. Our company will produce and deliver your products within a short timeframe and attractive partnership terms.

        What we offer as manufacturer and distributor

        • · Varieties of product
        • · Selection of models from different sections and categories of wedding accessories
        • · Frequent stock update
        • · Reliable advertisement support
        • · Wedding store development support
        • · Massive collection of exquisite wedding accessories.
          • You can also send us your suggestions. It will help us provide you with lovely products. Wholesale wedding accessories by Maylori is still your best investment. We will be happy to work with you.

            Maylori offers a wide range of products in the bride accessories field

            From veils to boleros, in Maylori we offer a wide range of bridal accessories. All our products have been designed and produced in detail in Spain, we do not subcontract the production to third parties, in this way we manage to maintain excellence in both the finish and quality control

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