Spanish manufacturing and experience since 1997
25 years of experience at international fairs
Production 100% in Spain also custom made
More than 2500 customers
Experience since 1977
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MATGLORI was found in 1977 in Barcelona. After its start as a small family business, it has developed into a highly professionalized enterprise with more than 2500 clients. During the last 25 years MATGLORI has participated at most of the important international fairs.

Our products are designed and manufactured under consideration of our customers’ wishes.

Fulfilling a bride’s expectations regarding design, quality and finishing of our accessories has always been one of our main concerns.

Matglori Team


MATGLORI produces and sells bridal accessories to the trade (B2B).

With handicraft skill MATGLORI works in the following product categories:

  • Petticoats
  • Veils
  • Natural furs
  • Synthetic furs
  • Mantillas
  • Fans
  • Ring cushions
  • Stockings
  • Garters
  • Gloves
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Combs
  • Small flower baskets

Complements for brides



Matglori has a wide bridal accessory catalogue allowing in all the portfolio comprehensive customization, with a factory in Barcelona, Spain, and exquisite touch in all products.

The long dreamed time comes and among all the preparations the most special for her is the wedding dress.

All life dreaming about the moment and imagining the entrance with an impeccable attire that all eyes follow during the ceremony and celebration.

But what makes that dress unique, unforgettable, eternal in memory?

Any professional in the world of weddings or almost everyone who cares about fashion and tailor dress will agree that a wedding dress is nothing without the accessories that accompany it.

The details are what makes each bride unique and within the purity of the white and the classic lines are the accessories and the details for brides that provides exclusivity to that outfit that will always be remembered by themselves and strangers.

So that your brides have all the details as in their dreams in Matglori we have a large catalogue of own made in Spain products that will assure you the chance to offer a huge range of possibilities in the outfit customization of those brides that you are preparing for the big day.

In Matglori  we are craftsmen with the ability to customize every unique detail hand by hand with you,  who are the ones who will finally make the dreams come true.

We work in the B2B sector in Spain since 1977 and master trends and exclusive details to make your brides feel like a fairy tale.

Our product lines are as follows:

  • Canes: to tastefully highlight the lines of a pristine dress or for bridesmaids
  • Veils: they are traditional, but far from not being a choice for innovation.
  • Natural skin: to play with textures and add to unique accessories
  • Synthetic skin: there are options for everyone, wherever leather is not an option or you don’t want to use natural skin
  • Marabou: feathers for your designs
  • Blankets: Never a ceremony is more prone to tradition than this, exclusive mantillas to keep traditions living

In addition, we also can offer the following lines with products that have moved through our design departments to make them different or in the other side add a traditional touch, the options are open and it is up to you the customization to make.

  • Cushions
  • Half
  • Leagues
  • Gloves
  • Arras
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Combs
  • Baskets

From Matglori we are proud to be able to complement your services for brides and give you the possibility to include and customize every detail and compliment as if it were yours.

At Matglori we are proud that, instead of considering us your supplier of bridal accessories and add-ons,  we are your associate and design partner to make your creations unique and exclusive.

Welcome to Matglori.



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