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Bride Accesories Catalogue

Matglori is a bridal manufacturer and distributor for professionals. Are you a looking for modern bride accesories? Matglori understands the requirements of every bride. We consider little details as a means to enhance bridal look and elegance regardless of the projected style.

Matglori is one of the largest bridal manufacturers and distributors of wedding accessories in Spain. You can order from an outstanding selection of pieces from our catalog. Choose exquisite accessories for bride and bridesmaid such as the veils, cover-ups, and hair accessories that appeal to your taste. You can easily pick innovative designs that you will not see anywhere else

Matglori offers a wide range of products in the bride accessories field

Veil manufacturers

Modern brides aim to feel like the best version of themselves. It requires you to beautify yourself with accessories that depict your elegance. The selections are perfect for classical and modern brides. We guarantee that our hairpieces will represent your individuality and make you feel incredible on your day.

Wedding Petticoats Wholesale

“Shine bright like a diamond and soar so high like an eagle.”

Exclusively made by Matglori, our wedding petticoats are created to enchant and enhance. We consider very simple extra detail and the glamour of glitz. They are made from the freshest and finest components loved by the present generation and the next. Shop Petticoats and Petticoats kids and more

Shop Wedding Petticoats and more

You’ll find other wedding accessories such as wholesale wedding veils, luxurious boleros, Baskets, twinkling belts and more

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