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Bridal Accessories, What Suits you better for your Perfect Day?

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Okay, so you got the wedding dress and arranged a make-up artist for your perfect day. That day you will remember all your life. Everything is set for you to look more than great, to be outstanding. The hairstyle will be gorgeous, you know it. So what’s missing? Of course, the bridal accessories to look like the most wonderful bride ever. You need any help? Here we will recommend you some wedding complements that will make you look memorable.
Our first advice is not to try to overdo things. It’s extremely important that you find balance between showing impact and be the center of attention while you reflect your own personality. Don’t miss the opportunity of showing to everyone who you are. So here we go!

Wedding Petticoats, a Perfect Bridal Complement

After selecting the dress… then is time for the petticoat! This specific accessory can give you the look you want if you’re trying to find a more sophisticated image. And they are perfect for slim A-line wedding dresses, while hoop skirts are more common for A-line gowns of fit-and-flare wedding dresses.
Petticoats are something your wedding accessories distributor can help you to decide, as there’s a whole range of versions and it’s important you find the one that suits you the best.
Of course, off-white is the most common color for petticoats, but don’t be scared to select ivory or other options depending on your style. Most of them are manufactured bridal complements in lycra, fine tulle and nylon amongst others.

Wedding Veils, is all about choosing short or long

Wedding veils are one kind of bridal accessory that could look very complicated to decide, because there are many options. But the decision could be as simple as choosing between a long or a short veil. At the end of the day, short or long could completely modify your whole style. Take for instance the super-long veils, those makes you look so traditional and classy. While a blusher will fit if you want a retro-chic look.
When selecting your ideal veil, the other important thing is to think about the pattern. The more complicated and detailed, the classiest it will be. If you want to look fancy and modern, probably the pattern should be lighter. But if the decision is to look omnipotent, go for the most elaborated pattern. But, as said before, the biggest choice is between long and short.

Bridal Hair Accessories to Make your Hairstyle Even Brightest

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a veil or not, as bridal hair accessories are something that can give your look a boost on your wedding day. A bridal headpiece is a perfect wedding complement to keep your hair out of the way, while making your look even fancier.
Jeweled clips, sparkly headbands, tiaras, pins… everything could fit on your hair to add some extra glamour. And those look great combined with wedding veils. They add a touch of personality that is always welcome. Even you can make them look great on specific events. Will your wedding be a beach wedding? Then, for example, try to find something like boho beach accessories that look like waves on the sea.

Bridal Gloves and Wedding Belts, make them pair!

When selecting your bridal belts, remember you can match it with your bridal gloves! Both accessories will make you look even better and they won’t like so traditional unless you want to.
The belt it may seem to be a less-important wedding complement, but can change the whole image of your gown. If you use it on a less recharged bridal dress, as it can change the look and transform it into a lavish image.
Same happens with bridal gloves, as they can make you transform from simplicity to emotionally sophisticated. And don’t get us wrong, if you like simplicity that’s a good thing, but using gloves and belts can give you that special look that all of us want for our perfect day.

Some advices on how to accessorize your wedding

Apart from the wedding complements we recommend you, it’s important to know that you need to be yourself and that sometimes finding the right choice is something that wedding accessories distributors know more about. So, what about some advices for accessorizing your perfect day?

• Not everyone realizes that some metals looks better with some kind of specific dresses. Take this rule: ivory is best with gold for highlighting the color of the fabric, and pure white goes more with pearls or platinum. So, match your metals on your wedding dress!

• Don’t overcharge your dress. This is a very important rule that sometimes goes unchecked. We all love wedding accessories, but keep in mind that using the right amount of them is key. If you’re wearing a necklace, a sash, a veil, a tiara and some earrings probably it could be way too much. Try to match the bridal complements that goes good together. The same goes for your characteristic style. For instance, if you set up for hair down, some small earrings will do. But if you’re up for an updo, in that case wear something more terrific.

• Not everything should be jewelry. Belts and gloves, as we said, can give you a sophisticated look and will make you look different on your wedding day. So think beyond metals and experience other options for yourself!

• Make it comfy as well. You’re going to spend the whole day on your outfit, so keep it comfortable, that’s a must. Some accessories can be taken off when necessary, others don’t. So don’t make yourself uncomfortable and choose wisely.

And the last but probably the most important advice on which bridal accessories wear on your wedding day, make everything on your style! Reflect your personality on the dress and every bridal complement. Don’t try to do something that is beyond your style, if you never liked pearls, for example, don’t use them. As they always say… be perfect being yourself.

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